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1+1 Prefabrik Ev Fiyatları

2024 yılı March ayı itibariyle 1+1 prefabrik ev fiyatları:

Product Name Kat Sayısı Oda Sayısı Product Price
Prefabricated House Prices 40 m² 1 40m² 1+1 239.700TL

2+1 Prefabrik Ev Fiyatları

2024 yılı March ayı itibariyle 2+1 prefabrik ev fiyatları:

Product Name Kat Sayısı Oda Sayısı Product Price
Prefabricated House Prices 49 m² 1 49m² 2+1 292.200TL
Prefabricated House Prices 52 m² 1 52m² 2+1 323.100TL
Prefabricated House Prices 62 m² 1 62m² 2+1 388.600TL
Prefabricated House Prices 68 m² 1 68m² 2+1 392.500TL
Prefabricated House Prices 72 m² 1 72m² 2+1 415.700TL
Prefabricated House Prices 74 m² 1 74m² 2+1 416.300TL
Prefabricated House Prices 80 m² 1 80m² 2+1 432.600TL
Prefabricated House Prices 85 m² 1 85m² 2+1 460.000TL
Prefabricated House Prices 100 m² 1 100m² 2+1 529.700TL
Two Storey Prefabricated House Price 90 m² 2 90m² 2+1 618.000TL
Two Storey Prefabricated House Price 100 m² 2 100m² 2+1 656.100TL

3+1 Prefabrik Ev Fiyatları

2024 yılı March ayı itibariyle 3+1 prefabrik ev fiyatları:

Product Name Kat Sayısı Oda Sayısı Product Price
Prefabricated House Prices 81 m² 1 81m² 3+1 451.600TL
Prefabricated House Prices 92 m² 1 92m² 3+1 92m²
Prefabricated House Prices 96 m² 1 96m² 3+1 524.500TL
Prefabricated House Prices 98 m² 1 98m² 3+1 549.300TL
Prefabricated House Prices 103 m² 1 103m² 3+1 536.100TL
Prefabricated House Prices 114 m² 1 114m² 3+1 589.100TL
Prefabricated House Prices 123 m² 1 123m² 3+1 667.200TL
Prefabricated House Prices 126 m² 1 126m² 3+1 662.700TL
Two Storey Prefabricated House Price 101 m² 2 101m² 3+1 664.800TL
Two Storey Prefabricated House Price 114 m² 2 114m² 3+1 770.400TL
Two Storey Prefabricated House Price 122 m² 2 122m² 3+1 818.300TL
Two Storey Prefabricated House Price 128 m² 2 128m² 3+1 849.800TL
Two Storey Prefabricated House Price 136 m² 2 136m² 3+1 900.200TL
Two Storey Prefabricated House Price 145 m² 2 145m² 3+1 927.000TL
Two-Story Prefab House Price 155 m² Prices 2 155m²Prices 3+1 1.038.300TL
Two-Story Prefab House Price 165 m² Prices 2 165m² 3+1 1.043.900TL

4+1 Prefabrik Ev Fiyatları

2024 yılı March ayı itibariyle 4+1 prefabrik ev fiyatları:

Product Name Kat Sayısı Oda Sayısı Product Price
Prefabricated House Prices 131 m² 1 131m² 4+1 718.300TL
Prefabricated House Price 149 m2 1 149m2 4+1 761.500TL
Two Storey Prefabricated House Price 131 m² 2 131m² 4+1 889.200TL
Two Storey Prefabricated House Price 149 m² 2 149m² 4+1 149m²

+1 Prefabrik Ev Fiyatları

2024 yılı March ayı itibariyle +1 prefabrik ev fiyatları:

Product Name Kat Sayısı Oda Sayısı Product Price
- - +1 -

Prefab House Prices 2023 Our long-lasting and durable structures are offered for sale at very economical prices. In determining the turnkey prefab house prices for the year 2023, many factors have been taken into consideration. The first factor considered in determining prefab house prices for 2023 is the size of the structure. The size of the building is an important factor affecting the price. A larger prefab house means more material is used, hence a higher price.

In addition, the recent global economic crisis has impacted the turnkey prefab house prices in 2023. Indeed, this crisis has led to increased production costs in many sectors. However, when compared to concrete houses of the same size, they remain quite economical.

The quality of materials used in turnkey prefab houses in 2023 significantly affects their price. The construction of a larger building requires more materials, which directly affects the price of the house. You can also choose the materials you want to use, but the cost of these materials will be calculated additionally.

One of the biggest advantages of these houses is the short construction time. Constructing a concrete building of the same size requires more time. Construction time directly affects construction costs. If the user is responsible for paying rent at that time, the longer the construction period, the more it will affect their budget. However, this is not the case for prefab houses in 2023. Likewise, the construction of concrete houses requires more labor. Labor costs directly affect the price of the house. However, labor costs are not included in the prices of our prefab building solutions. In addition, there are many materials and skilled services included in the prices. These services are as follows:

Unloading and installation of housing materials Prefab building elements (wall panels and steel connectors) Roofing, roof insulation, and roof covering for prefab buildings Installation of exterior and interior doors of the house House windows and their installation (double-glazed PVC) Installation of under-plaster electrical and plumbing Installation of electrical fixtures Interior and exterior painting of the house Provision of shower trays, toilets, sinks, and faucets in a package to the homeowner Considering these factors, we see that the price of the house is very advantageous and affordable, despite being influenced in many ways. Construction costs can affect the price of a concrete house. However, this is not the case for prefab house prices in 2023. This is because there is no construction cost item in our prices. Indeed, the direct contact for the user is the manufacturing company, namely Makro Prefabrik.

Prefab house prices in 2023 can vary according to the factors described above. However, generally, these houses are more affordable than conventional construction methods. This is because the production process is more efficient and faster. This speed, due to being produced in a factory, keeps construction time to a minimum. This reduces construction costs and improves the cost-performance of the building. In this regard, these houses can be considered as cost-effective building solutions. The main reason for this is the production process and portability.

Another factor affecting the prices is the insulation features of our building solutions. In this context, these houses, being factory-produced, must comply with quality control standards. This ensures that the house is of high quality and requires less maintenance in the long run. As insulation material, EPS styrofoam is used. This material provides effective insulation and is widely used worldwide. It provides thermal insulation to the building, as well as sound and liquid insulation. In this context, windows are important. Windows are standardly used as PVC windows. In this context, since the windows are double-glazed, they prevent heat loss inside the house. Additionally, all our products have a modular design. This offers different financial benefits to the building user.

Today, choosing among different options to meet housing needs can be difficult. In addition to traditional construction methods, 4+1 prefab houses have become a popular alternative. Both their quick construction times and economical 4+1 prefab house prices offer an attractive housing option for many people. These houses are pre-designed structures that are produced in factories and then assembled. In recent years, 2+1 prefab house models have become increasingly popular and have become a preferred housing option for many reasons. Indeed, these houses are structures pre-produced and assembled in a factory environment. These types of houses are designed with specific features and are produced according to mass production principles. One of the main advantages of these houses is the speed of the construction process. Since the house is produced in parts in the factory, the assembly stage is very quick. This reduces both time and labor costs.

Prices for 3+1 prefab houses are also very reasonable and are generally produced at a lower cost compared to traditional construction methods. Mass production in the factory minimizes material waste and labor costs can be lower. 3+1 prefab house prices are not only reasonable, but also the construction time is very short since they are pre-produced in the factory. The assembly process usually varies between a few weeks

What is a Prefab House?

Prefab house prices refer to buildings where components such as walls, windows, and doors are assembled in a factory according to a drawn architectural plan and then placed on a concrete base. The term 'prefab' is a word that has entered our language from English, formed from the words 'pre', meaning 'before', and 'fabric', meaning 'construction'. In our language, it is used to denote pre-manufactured ready-to-assemble structures.

When we think of prefab house prices, we imagine houses of various sizes and colors. Looking at these houses reminds us of the Tiny House culture, which is gaining popularity in our country. According to the Tiny House culture, adopted by people who embrace a minimalist lifestyle, people can live in small-sized houses. This is done by using the living space in the most efficient way. Abroad, people who adopt this culture live in houses smaller in size compared to those in our country.

The minimalist lifestyle has developed architecture that uses space most efficiently and compact furniture designs. Prefab houses are like a reflection of this culture in our country. Prefab houses are available in both single-story and double-story models. In areas declared as earthquake zones, the maximum number of floors allowed by municipalities is two. Turkey is an earthquake zone. Keeping this fact in mind, we produce our prefab house prices to be resistant to natural disasters. As Makro Prefabrik, we conducted various R&D studies domestically and abroad before producing prefab house models. In light of these studies, production errors in the market have been corrected. We continue our R&D efforts today to keep developing, understand consumers, and adapt to evolving technology. Prefab houses produced with interlocking steel constructions are manufactured to be resistant to earthquakes, fires, and strong winds. After obtaining the necessary official permits and selecting the suitable prefab house, construction begins swiftly.

Prefab House Prices

Considering the changing market conditions and the increasing construction costs, buyers are driven to seek different solutions in construction. As a result of this search, prefab houses have become popular due to being more affordable, portable, and modular compared to other structures. Currently, the turnkey prefab house prices for the end of 2023 start from 98,300 TL. Turnkey prefab house prices vary according to the models of the prefab houses. These prefab houses, suitable for all climates and usable in all seasons, stand out for their economical prices. They are a popular choice in earthquake zones, highlands, or for people owning hobby gardens. Additionally, the changing market conditions each year widen the price gap between prefab houses and concrete structures. While the construction cost of concrete structures increases day by day, the prices of prefab houses remain economical.

Compared to other structures, prefab constructions do not have difficult construction phases. Additionally, as the construction process of concrete structures lengthens, different costs begin to arise. For example, if you are living in a rented house while wanting to build a concrete structure, the longer the construction takes, the more rent you have to pay. The longer the duration, the higher your rental cost becomes. However, when we look at turnkey prefab house prices, prefab houses eliminate many construction costs. Items like labor costs are not applicable to prefab house prices. Additionally, the quality of materials providing heat and sound insulation will also reduce your heating costs.

Prefab House Models Prefab houses are produced in various sizes to meet every need. There are both single-story and two-story models. For users who adopt the Tiny House culture, we have smaller-sized prefab house models. For users who say 'we are a large family', we have large prefab house models. For our users who frequently have guests, we have two-story, multi-room prefab house models. Our single-story prefab house models start from 40 m² and can grow up to 149 m². Our two-story prefab house models start from 90 m² and can expand up to 178 m². In our two-story models, there is also a garage for your vehicles. Additionally, some of our models include a pantry. All prefab houses are produced quickly and delivered turnkey. Ready-to-assemble houses, with many models, are built on a suitable flat surface for the project. Turnkey prefab houses are produced according to your taste as 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 5+1 prefab houses. Another option is custom project planning. This is for our users who want specific things in a prefab house. These users come to us with their drawn or commissioned projects or tell us about the project they imagine, wanting to turn it into reality. In such cases, you can achieve the prefab house of your dreams, produced with Makro Prefabrik quality.

What are the Advantages of Buying a Prefab House?

One of the biggest advantages of prefab houses is that they are produced turnkey. What does this mean? It means that after you choose a ready house that suits your taste, Makro Prefabrik quickly produces every phase of the project. Once the prefab house is brought to the designated location, after a few craftsmanship processes like painting the interior and exterior and connecting the utilities, you can enjoy a peaceful cup of tea in your turnkey prefab house.

Another advantage is their modularity. You can achieve the prefab house you desire either by modifying certain parts of the selected project or through custom project planning. The turnkey prefab house prices also emerge as another advantage. Starting from 98,300 TL, prefab house prices remain quite affordable compared to other structures. This is due to the use of light, durable materials that don't require a foundation.

Another advantage is the quality of the materials. You will definitely feel safe in a prefab house made of high-quality materials. Galvanized sheet metal is used for roofing. It is light and insulating, and does not let rain in even during heavy downpours. The inner and outer walls are produced to be 10 cm thick, and are built to withstand earthquakes, strong winds, and other natural disasters.

Turnkey Prefab House Prices Turnkey ready house means that the project you choose, along with the options you select, is built on a flat concrete surface you have already laid, and you then enjoy your prefab house. You don't have to think about long and exhausting construction processes like those of traditionally built structures. The construction time for turnkey prefab houses is short, which means you won't have to consider costs arising from construction time, such as rent expenses. Turnkey prefab house prices remain quite economical compared to other structures, including many materials in the price.

Duplex Prefab House Prices 2023 For our users who desire comfortable and spacious spaces, Makro Prefabrik has designed duplex prefab houses. Duplex prefab house prices for 2023 have been quite attractive for users, considering their expectations before purchase.

The duplex prefab house prices, offering year-round and long-term use, start from 200,500 TL as of the end of 2023. The room layouts are created within two floors, including ground and first floor, and the positions of the rooms can be easily changed according to your preferences, enabling you to design your living space in a useful way. Many included options make duplex prefab house prices reasonable.

Which Prefab House is Suitable for You If you want to find out which prefab house is suitable for you after seeing these prices, you are in the right place. Because Makro Prefabrik produces prefab houses suitable for every budget. Designed following extensive R&D studies, these prefab houses are produced to meet every need. Don't delay in achieving your dream prefab house through custom project planning, which allows for many modifications. If you say 'we are a large family and always have guests', you can check out our duplex prefab houses. Duplex prefab house prices for 2023 start from 255,900 TL. Turnkey, two-story duplex houses offer spacious and comfortable living spaces. For our users who say 'we want a smaller prefab house or a Tiny House', we have single-story prefab house models. The prices for these turnkey prefab houses start from 98,300 TL. Find the prefab house suitable for you and then request a quote. Let's set up your turnkey prefab house, so you can enjoy your tea in peace.

How Do Prefab House Prices Vary?

Prefab houses remain affordable compared to other structures. With changing market conditions, the gap between classic house styles and prefab houses is widening each year. The prices of prefab houses vary according to the model and special project options. In this regard, the prices of prefab houses are influenced by the choice of materials not included in the project or offered as options.

Turnkey prefab house prices are prepared based on the liked model. Then, the desired options are included in the price and presented to you. There are many factors that can increase the price. For example, standard EPS polystyrene foam is used for filling the walls. If stone wool, which shows more resistance to fire, is chosen for the walls, the price of the turnkey prefab house will increase. Options are significant factors affecting the price. For instance, if you request tiles from brand Y outside the included package, it will be done, but it will slightly affect the price.

Besides, personal requests that are not included in the package or outside the drawn plans also affect the price. For example, if you want windows of different features or sizes than the white PVC windows included in the package, the price may increase. Similarly, if a more luxurious brand is chosen instead of the included shower tray, toilet, and sink, costs may increase. Apart from these, the prices for turnkey prefab houses with everything included in the package remain quite reasonable. Nevertheless, anyone

How Much Do Prefab Houses Cost?

The prices of prefab houses can vary depending on many factors. Indeed, house prices can change from region to region. Generally, the price of a small and basic house will be lower than that of a larger house with a special design. This allows you to find the most suitable price and quality for your needs. The main factors affecting the prices of these houses are as follows.

The size and design of these types of houses significantly affect their prices. A larger and specially designed house will be more expensive. The quality and durability of the materials used affect the cost. Prices may increase when higher quality materials are used. Interior design elements such as kitchen and bathroom equipment also affect the prices. Higher quality or customized equipment increases the cost. Climate conditions can affect the insulation needs of these houses. Better insulation may be required in colder climates, which increases the cost.

Features of Prefab Houses

These houses are constructed by assembling pre-made parts. Indeed, these houses can come in different types based on their usage purposes and preferences. Therefore, you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. These types of houses consist of modular parts that are pre-produced in a factory and assembled on-site. This method allows for a faster construction process compared to traditional construction. This is advantageous, especially for situations where there is an urgent need for housing or a desire to shorten the construction period.

These types of houses minimize material waste due to the materials being measured and cut in the factory. Additionally, the fast construction process can reduce labor costs. This makes these houses more economical compared to traditional houses and they have a modular design. This means that the size and design of the house can be customized according to the need. This offers options suitable for different budgets and usage purposes. Some houses are portable and can be dismantled and set up in another location. This is advantageous for people who need to move or adapt to changing conditions.

Modern houses are designed with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind. Good insulation features of prefab offices can reduce heating and cooling costs. These types of houses produce less waste during the construction process and generally use recyclable or sustainable materials. This makes them less impactful on the environment. They can be designed to withstand certain conditions such as earthquake resistance. This is an important advantage for those living in geographically risky areas.

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