High Quality & Reasonable Price

Makro Prefabrik, with 25 years of industry experience in the ready-made construction sector, is an organization that serves both domestic and international customers with its fast and successful designs in the production and sales organization of pre-manufactured light steel structures, prefabricated structures (residential, villa, construction site, office, social facility buildings), containers, and cabins.

Owning a large market share in a very short period with its produced products, Macro Prefabricated prioritizes customer satisfaction with its trained staff and professional infrastructure, works with industry-leading suppliers to obtain high-quality products, and offers quality service at an economical price under the supervision of professional teams from production to assembly.

With its high quality and affordable price policy, it aims to establish trust in its services first and to take its long-term cooperation with customers and suppliers further...



To be a company that is environmentally friendly, prioritizes occupational health and safety, offers innovative and high-quality living standards, brings to life unique design prefabricated building projects, and ensures healthy growth in the prefabricated building sector.


To add permanent, aesthetic, and economic value to our lives with every structure we create, and to be the leading ready-made building manufacturer both in our country and abroad.

Our Values

  • Innovative Thinking Innovative Ideas
  • Our Permanent and Aesthetic Style
  • Team Spirit
  • Efficiency and Stability
  • Leadership
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