Prefabricated Buildings

Prefab construction site buildings stand out for their rapid installation and economical costs. Designed specifically for site needs, these structures enhance job safety and comfort. Thanks to their modular features, they can be easily expanded and relocated. They offer various uses such as offices, canteens, and changing rooms. Built with durable materials, they provide the possibility of long-term use.

Prefabricated Buildings

The primary reason for a building to be considered a prefabricated site is that it consists of a specific set of parts. The importance of these prefabricated structure models has grown as they have been used in areas affected by events such as the Izmir earthquake, the Van earthquake, and the 1999 Gölcük earthquake. Although these structures closely resemble reinforced concrete buildings, they do not carry the same earthquake risk due to their relatively lesser connection with the ground compared to reinforced concrete structures.

Prefabricated site prices also surpass those of other structures. Prefabricated site prices vary by model, and there are special prices for custom projects. Furthermore, the ease of transportation and assembly of prefabricated sites is expanding their usage day by day. Our prefabricated structures use galvanized sheet metal for roofing, which is resistant to water and external environmental conditions. The slope given downwards with galvanization facilitates rain and snow sliding off and is widely used in prefabricated buildings due to its lightweight. Additionally, painted galvanized sheet or metal tiles can optionally be chosen for roofing materials. While American doors are used for interior doors, the exterior doors are insulated steel doors. White PVC windows have been utilized for windows. Electrical and sanitary installations are mounted under plaster. The components and assembly of prefabricated structures are produced faster than those of reinforced concrete buildings.

Prefabricated Site Models

Prefabricated sites, which are easy to transport and assemble, are as durable and sturdy as reinforced concrete structures, finding application in a variety of models today. Moreover, when compared to reinforced concrete buildings, prefabricated structure prices remain more affordable. You can immediately review Macro Prefabricated’s prefabricated structure models. Our prefabricated site models include seven types: office dormitories, prefabricated house prices, social facilities, school buildings, emergency disaster buildings, WC and shower buildings. Prefabricated sites are used in earthquake zones and construction sites, as well as in schools, offices and hobby homes, and as canteens. We have both single-story and two-story models. The quality of materials is guaranteed by the experience of Macro Prefabricated.

Are you starting a business and want to design your office yourself? Or are you a growing brand that needs to move to another location to make your office more efficient? Prefabricated Office buildings, with their portable and modular features, attract many users. These prefabricated sites stand out with their prices as well. The external and internal shells of these prefabricated sites are 06-10 centimeters thick and are produced to be resistant to fire, external environment, and seasonal conditions. This prefabricated structure, which also finds application in the mining sector, is used in challenging conditions such as mining areas. These prefabricated buildings can be installed in more rural areas that are sometimes high in elevation and difficult to access, and thanks to the transportable feature of these offices, you can create a workspace even in challenging areas like mining sites.

Our prefabricated office models range from 30 m² to 591 m², offering a total of twenty different types. All our models include a kitchen, toilet, hallway, and office, while our larger models also feature meeting rooms and verandas. The kitchens in these offices range from 3 m² to 10 m² depending on the model, offices grow from 10 m² to 20 m², and meeting rooms can expand from 24 m² to 34 m². For brands that desire, we create the office of your dreams with custom planning.

Prefabricated dormitory buildings are preferred in military and civilian camp areas, earthquake and disaster zones. This prefabricated site, also finding application in the mining sector, is used in challenging conditions such as mining areas. Some of our dormitory models include toilets and shower areas inside. Shower areas include shower cabins, and toilet areas have sinks and squat toilets. To find the prefabricated structure models that suit you, you can also check out our prefabricated dormitory models. These prefabricated sites stand out with their prices. The dimensions of dormitory buildings that meet every need start from 58 m² and grow up to 406 m². Our 406 m² model is two-storied and includes fire escapes on the sides. While some models have multiple exterior doors, some of our models have only one. The dormitory sections grow from 10 m² to 20 m².

The durability and robustness of the dormitories are guaranteed by us, and the materials used are produced to withstand varying seasonal conditions and external environmental factors. They are fire-resistant. Additionally, due to their easy assembly and transportability, they can be placed in hard-to-reach locations, making them an ideal option for military camp areas. This can also apply to station installations for some public institutions. Fire stations must be established at specific points in the city for firefighters to respond to fires as quickly as possible. Ideal for every public and private institution that operates 24/7, a prefab structure installation can be provided after preparing a suitable ground at the desired location. High-quality and standard prefabricated structure models we produce can also include canteen buildings, social facility buildings, prefabricated school buildings, emergency disaster buildings, WC and shower buildings.

Prefabricated Site Prices

There are different prefabricated structure prices for each of the seven different types we produce because there are countless models in each type. When we specifically compare prices, a 30 m² prefabricated office building remains more cost-effective than a reinforced concrete office of the same dimensions. Therefore, the many benefits of prefabricated structure models become prominent. These benefits include low maintenance and renovation costs, the absence of property tax, transportability, higher earthquake resistance, and a modular system. Additionally, prefabricated structure prices remain more affordable than those of reinforced concrete buildings.

Prefabricated Site Features

The most significant feature is undoubtedly its transportability. This feature prefers the direct transportation of the structure itself over the material transportation of other buildings. Another feature is its modularity. Prefabricated structure prices remain affordable compared to other buildings. Even if adding to other buildings is possible through official procedures, the costs might be high. However, the modularization of prefabricated structure models remains simple and cost-effective. Because their contact with the ground is less than other buildings, the earthquake risk is lower. They have thermal and sound insulation. They are resistant to external environmental and seasonal conditions. They are quickly produced ready-made structures, and their installation is simple. At Macro Prefabricated, we respond to your special prefabricated structure requests with custom planning, offering the comfort of a home and durability with high-quality materials.

Sıkça Sorulanlar
What is the Average Delivery Date for Prefabricated Sites?
These structures, which offer numerous advantages to their users, have a different production planning. From this perspective, although the delivery time for each structure can vary, the production process of these structures is not the same as that of a reinforced concrete structure of the same dimensions. Structures produced as prefabricated can be manufactured much more quickly. You can learn detailed information about the delivery date of the structure you purchased by talking to our customer service representatives.
Can Prefabricated Sites Be Painted in the Desired Color?
The purchaser has a say in all produced structures. Customization can be done in both interior and exterior paints as desired.
Can Changes Be Made to the Exterior Design of a Prefabricated Site?
Changes to the exterior design of our structure models can be made as long as they do not negatively affect the engineering of the structure.
Can I Install Prefabricated Structures at a Different Location Whenever I Want?
It is possible to move the structure you are currently using or planning to purchase to a different area after disconnecting connections such as sanitary and electrical installations that link it to the ground.
How is the Shipping of Prefabricated Structures Done?
After selecting and purchasing the suitable structure for you, some parts of the structure are produced in our manufacturing facilities and the parts are shipped towards the area where the structure will be assembled. The installation of the structure is completed on-site, and the keys are handed over to you.
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