Even though we think about containers on international shipping, containers that actually find a place to use almost anywhere can be a warm home for you, an office, a shower and toilet space and a dorm for your needs. Container prices are suitable for almost any budget. The roofing of macro Prefabricate containers is Naturel Galvaniz hair. Galvanized sheet, coated with zinc to prevent corrosion of metal. It's a perfect water-resistant roof material. The outer facade paint of the macro Prefabricate containers is electrostatic oven paint. It is highly weatherproof. These containers, also called the Module Cabinets, help to create a portable habitat, basically.

Sanitation and electrical installations are mounted under and above the surface according to the container model. The interior doors of our containers are made up of solid American press doors to give a home view, but the exterior doors are sealed sheet metal doors and have lighting just above to avoid any seasonal conditions. The walls are also made up of four-inch wide sandwich panels, which can withstand seasonal conditions and harsh environmental conditions.

Container models

Macro Prefabricate manufactures container models to suit every need. Charge to find out our container prices for each budget. You can find us on our WhatsApp line or our landlines to find out our container prices. We have five types of container houses. These are standard containers, office containers, dorm containers, WC and shower containers, and container houses.

Container prices

Containers with fast production, ready and portable capability are more affordable, considering increased construction costs due to changing market conditions. Macro Prefabricate containers can address the needs of businesses looking for temporary, compact and affordable solutions. Try Macro Prefabricate containers instead of being buried in ever-increasing construction costs. To find out about our container and container home prices, you can now receive an offer from WhatsApp and our landlines.

Container Benefits

The biggest advantage is that it's definitely portable. Imagine someone telling you that twenty years ago, "houses will be portable in twenty years." if he did, we'd probably laugh at the person who said that. But Macro Prefabrik used the evolving technology and made houses portable. We've made container house prices suitable for concrete houses. The other advantage is that it offers us the comfort of concrete, the comfort of fixed houses.

Why choose a container?

Containers have many advantages over concrete construction, no matter what purpose they are used for. If you're looking for an affordable solution, if you're looking for a portable, compact, robust solution, if you're looking for Macro prefabricated experience and expertise, you should choose a container.

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