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6 Reasons That Prefabricated Buildings Are Better Than You Think

6 Reasons That Prefabricated Buildings Are Better Than You Think

Today, the use of portable structures is increasing day by day. Prefabricated building models, which can also be used in harsh conditions, can be used in many other areas. These structures, which offer many advantages to its users, can be single-storey or double-storey. Many people think that portable structures are more unstable. There are many reasons to think this. But the perishability of portable houses is an urban legend. These builds are better than you might think. Here are six reasons why;

1) Exterior Architecture of Prefabricated Houses

We see many houses while walking outside in daily life. Did you know that some of the houses you see can be portable structures? The exterior architecture of the portable houses and the houses built in the other classical style are made with the same materials. The name of the material in question is betopan. There is no difference from the houses with the same exterior appearance, even some models look more aesthetic and symmetrical than reinforced concrete structures. In addition to the houses with aesthetic exterior architecture, there are affordable buildings with a simple design. In addition to these, buildings such as offices, dining halls and dormitories are produced with a simple design in terms of exterior architecture, but optionally, different designs can be applied in the exterior architecture.

2) Natural Disaster Resilience Properties

Like all houses, portable houses can withstand many natural disasters. It is generally produced with two floors because the number of floors most resistant to earthquakes was determined by engineers as two floors. Likewise, when you examine the houses in earthquake regions where earthquakes are common, it is allowed to build a house with a maximum of two floors. On the other hand, natural disasters such as wind have recently started to increase. These houses may be portable, but they are also quite resistant to strong winds.

3) How Can Prefabricated Buildings Be Transported?

We can attribute the portability of a house to the developing construction technologies. Houses are described as unstable due to their portability, but on the contrary, these structures are at least as durable as other structures. Its portability feature is hidden in its design and production in a portable structure. It can be transported thanks to the fact that it is made as a result of combining steel constructions. On the other hand, it is positioned on a flat ground and electrical and water installations are made. There are rare carrier trucks that can transport these houses while being transported. Don't be fooled by their portability, they are very heavy structures.

4) What are the Insulation Features of Prefabricated Houses?

The increase in the use of portable structures both in our country and in European countries is due to the insulation properties of these structures. The insulation properties of these houses are also similar to other reinforced concrete structures. The insulating properties of portable houses are divided into two as walls and other remaining parts. EPS Styrofoam is used on the walls of all portable structures. Glass wool is used in the ceiling part. While the thickness of the materials used is 80 mm, the density is 16 m3. The materials in these parts can be changed according to the wishes of the users. While PVC windows are used in the windows of the house, galvanization is used as the roofing material.

Different materials can be used optionally in these sections. As a result of all the materials used, the climate inside the house is protected at the maximum level. Thus, the air conditioning costs of the users will be considerably reduced. All materials used provide sound and heat insulation as well as liquid insulation.

5) Price Advantages of Prefabricated Buildings

As a result of the economic crisis we are experiencing, the prices of materials in the construction sector have increased. As a result of the increase in production costs in the construction sector, the prices of many buildings also increased automatically. Users looking for more affordable solutions prefer these structures. Prefabricated house prices vary according to the model. The advantage of the prices is not just that they are affordable. There are many materials and services included in the prices of the buildings. The materials and services included in the said prices are as follows;

  • Downloading and installing building materials
  • Structural building elements (wall panels and steel connection elements)
  • Ceiling of the building, ceiling insulation and roofing
  • Installation of building exterior and interior doors
  • Building windows and installation of these windows (double glazing PVC)
  • Installing flush-mounted electrical and water installations of the building
  • Installation of electrical fixtures of the building
  • Application of building interior and exterior paint processes
  • Delivery of shower tray, toilet bowl, sink and faucets to the host in a package

6) What Does Prefabricated Buildings Promise to Users?

These structures promise many advantages to their users, from prices to use. Even after you start using the building, it contributes to the user by minimizing your air conditioning costs. It promises to get the house of your dreams at affordable prices. In short, these houses provide added value to their users by offering more advantages besides every advantage offered by other houses.

In this article, we tried to explain to you that portable houses are more and better than what is in the public perception. In fact, we have tried to show that the prices are more affordable by taking care to give brief information about all the buildings. If you want to buy these houses, which provide advantages to its users in many areas, you can contact our customer representatives.

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