Prefabricated Education Buildings

Prefabricated Education Buildings

Prefabricated educational buildings are preferred by both the Ministry of National Education and private organizations.

Macro Prefabricated designs educational buildings in desired sizes to meet all the needs and comfort of students and educators. The most important reasons for choosing prefabricated school buildings are quick production, fast assembly, and the selection of the right materials to make the structure ready for education.

Particularly important considerations include compliance with the Ministry of National Education's school building regulations and international standards.

Site structure production varieties include:

  • Sandwich Panel System
  • Fibercement / Betopan Press Panel System
  • Composite Panel System

Prefab Educational Buildings Production Category consists of:

  • Prefabricated Educational Buildings
  • Prefabricated Nursery Buildings
  • Prefabricated Kindergarten Buildings
  • Prefabricated Primary School Buildings
  • Prefabricated High School Buildings
  • Prefabricated University Buildings.
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