Prefabricated Bungalow Price 96 m²

  • Included in the Price
  • Not Included In The Price
  • Unloading and assembling of housing materials
  • Prefabricated building elements (wall panels and steel connectors)
  • Installation of prefabricated building ceiling cover, ceiling insulation, and roof covering
  • Installation of external and internal doors of the house
  • Installation of house windows (double glazed PVC)
  • Installation of under-plaster electrical and plumbing
  • Installation of electrical fixtures
  • Application of external and internal painting works of the house
  • Delivery of shower tray, toilet, sink, and faucets in package to the customer
  • Foundation concrete and all types of excavation works.
  • Transportation and shipping insurance, and if necessary, provision of scaffolding and cranes.
  • Floor covering, floor insulation, and wall covering works (screed, ceramic, tiles, carpet, etc.)
  • Obtaining the necessary official permits for the construction of the building.
  • Telephone, computer, and UPS installations.
  • External connections outside the building, main panel, grounding, and installation of meters (Electricity, Clean and Wastewater, etc.)
  • Heating and cooling systems (radiators, air conditioning, etc.)
  • Installation of kitchen cabinets (upper and lower) and bathroom cabinets, and provided sanitary fixtures.
  • For installations outside of Istanbul, the accommodation and meal needs of the installation team are the responsibility of the buyer.
  • Provision of electricity for use on the construction site and ensuring the security of the materials against theft.
Technicial Specifications
  • Ceiling Height: 250 cm
  • External Walls: 10 cm
  • Internal Walls: 6 cm - 10 cm (Optional)
  • External Door: Steel Door
  • Internal Doors: American Panel Door
  • Balcony Door: White Color PVC Door
  • Windows: White Color PVC Window
  • Roof Covering: Painted Galvanized Sheet, Metal Tile (Optional)
  • Electrical Installation: Under Plaster
  • Plumbing: Under Plaster
  • External Wall Paint: Silicone Exterior Paint
  • Internal Wall Paint: Plastic Interior Paint
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Prefabricated Bungalow Price 96 m²
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